London Bridge Attacks | Statement


The Trustees of the Christian Muslim Forum have issued a statement following the London Bridge attacks.

"We are united in our condemnation of the attack at London Bridge on Saturday.  We join the Christian, Muslim & interfaith organisations across the country which have denounced the violence and expressed their great sorrow at the loss of life.

It’s on these occasions, when tensions rise, that we realise the great value of our day to day work of building strong and resilient relationships across faith boundaries: between individuals, between mosques and churches and between Christian and Muslim institutions.  Our church-mosque twinning programme and our work of bringing together a diverse group on difficult issues takes place mostly under the radar, week by week, month by month.  Up and down the country, we are involved in low-key but essential work which builds up the fabric of local and national life.  Under pressure, this has a weight-bearing capacity which resists efforts to divide us from each other.

Bishop Toby Howarth said, “We don’t get a choice about how we feel, but we do get a choice about what we do: we can phone a friend, show up at a vigil, demonstrate solidarity.  Because of relationships built up over time between Christians and Muslims in Bradford, it has only taken a few phone calls to arrange tonight’s vigil at Bradford Cathedral.”

People sometimes think of the Amazon ad when they think of the Christian Muslim Forum, but we have a wide network which includes young Muslims and Christians, Black-led churches, gender equality groups and a huge range of people from different backgrounds and with diverse views.  We allow space for learning, for change and for challenging assumptions.

Today the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Forum’s Founding Patron, said, “If we attack or persecute or go against a particular group of people on the grounds of their faith alone, rather than what they want to do or the arguments they are putting forward of violence and terror, the terrorists will give three cheers and say thank you, you’ve done our work for us.  Every time a Muslim is abused on a bus or a mosque is attacked, the terrorists have taken another step forward.”

The recent attacks will not puncture our good relationships and we will stand by our Christian and Muslim neighbours during these difficult times."

5 June 2017

The Christian Muslim Forum was represented at the Mayor of London's Vigil at City Hall on 5 June, pictured above.



+5 #1 James 2017-06-08 16:16
I don't believe any of this. All muslims are as one and their true desire is obvious. Two faced liars and diane abbott is corrupt.

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