The Casey Review: a review into opportunity and integration


The Casey Review into opportunity and integration has been released by the Department for Communities and Local Government. 

The full report and the summary can be downloaded from the government's website.

In July 2015, at the request of the then Prime Minister and Home Secretary, Dame Louise Casey was asked to undertake a review into integration and opportunity in our most isolated and deprived communities. The report sets out the findings of that review and calls for a major new Government programme to help:

  • empower all communities to take advantage of modern Britain’s economic opportunities
  • provide more English language classes for isolated groups
  • encourage young people to mix in schools and across communities
  • secure women’s emancipation in communities where they are being held back by regressive cultural practices.

The Casey Review sets out 12 initial recommendations for action.  A press release from DCLG states, "The report brings together Dame Louise’s findings, considering immigration and patterns of settlement; the extent to which people from different backgrounds mix and get on together; how different communities – considering ethnic and faith groups in particular – have fared economically and socially; and some of the issues that are driving inequality and division in society; and it makes recommendations on what we should do next in a new programme to help unite Britain."


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