Near Neighbours, Learning for our Future



Near Neighbours, Learning for our Future

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 from 10:30 to 16:00

Carriageworks Theatre, 3 Millennium Square , Leeds LS2 3AD

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Looking back over the successful work of the programme and local projects; it will be a chance to gather together, celebrating what has been achieved and sharing together learning and good practice that can be used as we develop our local work.


The day will feature several key speakers, experienced in cross-faith community work and from different faith perspectives. Speakers include Qari Asim, Imam at Makkah Masjid; Bishop Nick Baines of Leeds and Esther Hugenholtz, Rabbi at Sinai Synagogue. We will also hear from a range of our programme partners and local community projects.


We will also be running a number of seminars and workshops on a range of subjects. These will need to be booked in advance and we will be in touch with you closer to the date to confirm this. Details of each session are below.


During lunch we will also showcase numerous projects and programmes that Near Neighbours has supported. This time will also be an opportunity to meet and network with others from across the programme as well as to see lots of the exciting work that we have been involved with. Lunch itself will be provided.




In order to allocate seminar rooms, we ask that delegates pick two options for their seminars when they book their tickets; a first and second choice. We will let you know on the day which seminar you have been allocated to. Wherever possible we will aim to give you your first choice of seminar:


Impact and sustainability: learning lessons from NN – and what next?
Looking back at five successful years, Liz Carnelley (NN Programme Director) and Wahida Shaffi (NN Coordinator for West Yorkshire) will share key lessons learnt across the programme. From here they will consider how this learning can benefit community work into the future. They will be joined by Tom Fisher and Dan Range (Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University) who have led recent evaluation of the programme.


Nehemiah: Working in partnership in the community
Near Neighbours has been supporting and developing local community work and partnerships for five years. Kim Greig (NN Coordinator for Luton), joined by a number of Nehemiah community workers, will look at the development, growth, challenges and achievements of partnership work in Luton and its implications on wider work for communities across England.


The Feast: Working with Teenagers
The Feast enables young people of different faiths and cultures to meet up, learn to talk about their beliefs with respect and honesty, and gain the skill and confidence to live well in our diverse world. Tim Fawssett (CEO of The Feast) with Mark Elliot (Development Youth Worker for Bradford and Keighley for The Feast), will discuss how to develop cross-faith work with young people.


Catalyst: Empowering young people for leadership
Catalyst equips and develops emerging young leaders from different faiths and communities, through shared learning and team building, to work for grassroots neighbourhood transformation. Riaz Ravat (Course Lead for Catalyst, based at the St Phillip’s Centre in Leicester), with Becky Brookman (NN Coordinator for West London) will look at how to support and equip such young leaders in faith sensitive community action.


Fundraising for Faith based community action
A consistent need for charities is to fundraise in support of their community work. This however can be a daunting prospect, especially for those without the experience and knowledge of how to do this. John McCallum (NN Coordinator for the East Midlands) has 30 years’ experience of working in community development and fundraising. With Salma Ravat (fundraiser and project lead in Leicester), they will run through the key points that need to be considered when fundraising.


How Social Media can be used in your community
Social media has quickly become one of the most effective ways by which to communicate. Millions of people across England use it every day. Harnessing this for the benefit of community work can be hugely helpful in developing and communicating your work. Paresh Solanki (Online & Television media specialist and former BBC Senior Executive), with Tim Burton-Jones (NN Communications Officer) will guide you through everything you need to know about establishing and developing your social media presence.


Art & Encounter: Running creative interfaith events
3FF invite you to experience how the arts can be used as a stimulus in interfaith events. Hear examples of creative events and programmes, take part in art-inspired conversations, and get top tips for putting on your own events that use the arts- from music and spoken word to film and visual arts. The seminar will be hosted by Eli & Fiona (Coordinators for 3FF’s Arts & Culture programme).


Refugees & Migrants: what are we learning from the current crisis?
Many faith communities are seeking ways to respond to the refugee crisis. Catriona Robertson (Interim Director of the Christian Muslim Forum) and Akeela Ahmed (government advisor on anti-Muslim hatred) will explore what we are learning from the current crisis and how we can support each other’s work across religious traditions.


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