Full House for Peace Iftar


“A really great event!”

“So many people from different backgrounds, I’m really moved by everyone’s presence here tonight.”

“Ramadan is a good occasion to try to work for a more peaceful community in a very torn-apart and violent world.”

“It’s wonderful for people to share with the Muslim community during Ramadan, you get a real atmosphere of their commitment to their faith.”

“Insha’allah, and through this kind of organisation, we can better communicate with peace and love.”

Over sixty of us crowded into Collaboration House in central London for our Peace Iftar on 30 June.  We heard from our Co-Chairs, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra and Bishop Paul Hendricks, from Aliya Azam MBE and from Imam Ajmal Masroor and Steve Miller.  Anglican President Bishop Richard Cheetham and the Archbishop of Jerusalem sent us a message from Jerusalem:

“Warm greetings from Jerusalem to all attending the Iftar in London.  The Christian Muslim Forum has done much valuable work over the years and this event symbolises a real determination to keep that good work going. 

I am sorry not to be with you but am joining an Iftar tonight at the Bishop of Jerusalem’s Peace Garden next to St George’s Cathedral. 

Christian Muslim relations are vital across the world which is conflicted and troubled in so many ways and the Iftars are a sign of deep hope based on God who is our Peace.”

Navleen Kaur of the Sikh Khalsa Secondary Academy also sent a message:

“Let us show our appreciation for the devotion with which followers of Islam love and give to others. The compassion and courage to push through the summer days without even a drop of water show great strength of character and humility to understand the difficulties of others.  It is only when we understand the plight of others that we can hold ourselves up to serve others through selfless action.”

As darkness fell, the Islamic call to prayer was heard and our Muslim guests prayed.  After prayer, our guests from different traditions joined in the Iftar meal, starting with sweet dates and water.  Our shared meal and conversation continued until after 11pm.

“It was a little overcrowded, but having lots of people is wonderful!”

“I really enjoyed myself, I loved the atmosphere and the joint message of peace, especially the Bishop’s St James’ letter.”

“I like to connect with fellow humans, irrespective of where they’re from – let’s work together!”

“Thank you for organising this.”


More photos by William Barylo can be found here http://workshops.light-inc.org/?p=354

The Peace Iftar was held in partnership with London Boroughs Faiths Network, Faith-based Regeneration Network, London Peace Network and Faiths Forum for London and was supported by the Near Neighbours Programme.





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