Inter Faith News 17 December 2014


Bishop Libby Lane  with her husband George

 For Radio Dawn programme, 107.6fm, back on the radio at 09.30 on Thursday

Sharing good news from around the world!@karimianotts . News gathered by Forum staff



Egypt unveils renovated Tutankhamun gallery

Gabriel Garcia Marquez to feature on Colombia bank notes



First female bishop named as the Reverend Libby Lane

Dresden protests: Christians march against anti-Islamisation 'pinstriped Nazis'



UK Imams Fight Online Extremism

Sydney Siege, When Muslims Rushed to Help



S. Africa “Open Mosque” Hosts Xmas Lunch

Malawi Muslims Lobby for Co-existence


Forum Event

Muslims and Christians in The Holy Land, Israel/Palestine, March 2015 

The Family – Benefits and Challenges, London, February 2015


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