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For Radio Dawn programme, 107.6fm, back on the radio at 09.30 today
Sharing good news from around the world! @karimianotts. News gathered by Forum staff


Call to ban 'sick filth' box office hit God’s Not Dead ignored, via Lapidomedia

Hungarians march against draft internet tax


Quiet Faith review – Christian Australia in its infinite variety

Hungry for justice: new movement calls Christians to fast for the climate


Berlin school honors Muslim Holocaust hero

French “Halal Test” Detects Pork, Alcohol

Inter faith

Is Hindu worship of Marian shrines a sign of growing religious tolerance?, via Lapidomedia

West Africans Fight Ebola With Religion

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Sponsored Snowdon Climb

Can inter faith work on Facebook? by @julianbond12

Fundraising Volunteer

Web Volunteer Opportunity

Being Faithful: welcoming the challenges of Catholic-Muslim marriages, London, 19 November 2014

‘British Values’ and the place of religion in schools, Birmingham, 25 November 2014

Companions or Competitors?, Feltham (London), 29 November 2014

Prayers for the Middle East, London, 2 December 2014

Working in Networks Training, London, 3 December 2014

Muslims and Christians in The Holy Land, Israel/Palestine, March 2015

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