Eid Mubarak 2014


Eid is a time of great celebration, when we look back in gratitude at the month of reflection, prayer, and community, which has just come to a close.  The sheer number of inter faith iftars this Ramadan was astounding. Not only did we see increased support for wonderful initiatives like The Big Iftar and Ramadan Tent, but countless local mosques, communities, and families opened their doors to break bread with their neighbours.

The large number of individuals, from all faiths and none, who fasted in solidarity with Muslims this year was both humbling and inspiring as they reached out to their local Muslim communities in love, raised money for charities, and spoke out against both local and global acts of injustice.

While there is much to be thankful for this Eid, we are also united by a shared sense of sadness as we remember the ongoing suffering which many endure around the world, which has been particularly intense this Ramadan.

At a time when Christians, Ahmadiyya, and Rohingya Muslims face persecution in Iraq, Pakistan, and Myanmar respectively, and scores of civilians are dying in Syria and Gaza, it is all too easy for us to fall into despair at the current state of the world.

Many of us have felt helpless in the face of so much suffering. It is in these moments that we have to step up, speak out, and join together as people of faith and work alongside each other to be the change in the world - to show that faith can be one of the most powerful forces for good.

As Muslims and Christians, we are called to be shining examples of kindness and to reflect God's love in the world.  In our daily lives, we should “aim for restoration, comfort one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.”  [2 Corinthians 13:11]*

Jesus (peace be upon him) did not only speak about peace in an abstract sense, but led by courageous example, showing unconditional love and compassion to the unloved and persecuted around him. Likewise, Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged and was actively involved in inter faith, making covenants with Christian communities which stand to this day.

Both Muslims and Christians, bound to one another as brothers and sisters in faith, should seek to live in a way that reflects the universal messages of Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them). We must stand side by side with people of other faiths and none, united by our shared love and hope for humanity to speak out against injustice where we find it. 

And so, as we bid farewell to Ramadan, we renew our commitment to build on the work we have done this month and welcome the challenges and opportunities of the year ahead.

Let us be encouraged by the beautiful examples of hospitality and love we have observed this month and take heart that amid times of darkness, our kind actions, however small they may seem, shine all the brighter and illuminate the path to a more peaceful future.

Wishing you and your families love, light and happiness this Eid.

Sarah Ager


*‘Peace be to you! I shall plead with my Lord to forgive you. Indeed He is gracious to me.' (Qur'an 19.47)

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