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World News

Facebook faces UK probe over emotion study

Pakistan Supreme Court orders government to protect religious minorities



Elton John: If Jesus was alive today he would support gay marriage (good to see Jesus in a newspaper headline, if controversial)

Pope Francis: Communists have stolen the flag of Christianity



Sydney to Host First Ramadan Festival

Active Chicago Muslims Welcome Ramadan



Iftar in the Synagogue 2014

Big Iftar meal opens to more people than ever before


Forum News and Events

Christian-Muslim Ramadan Reflections (guest article)

Hidden Hearts Revealed (guest blog)

Building bridges with Brondesbury Park Synagogue (Forum blog)

Ramadan Message 2014/1435 AH (guest article)

Castelli Romani Sponsored Walk

Conversation for the Soul, London, 8 July 2014

Difficult Questions - Leeds, 9 September 2014


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