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Sharing good news from around the world! @karimianotts. News gathered by @julianbond12

World news

A craze for 'loom bands'

The Italian town with an English secret


Glass doors open up St John's church in Cardiff

Cambridgeshire church bells replaced with bicycle bells


US Muslims to Share Ramadan

Woman Chairs US Largest Muslim Group

Inter faith

How is Interfaith Different in Europe? An American Perspective

Middle East Christians Welcome Syrian Muslim Refugees
Forum News and Events

Reflections of Jesus and Muhammad, or Distortions?

Web Volunteer Opportunity

Multiculturalism – Problem or Solution?, 26 June, London today, places still left

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with Christians by Dr John Morrow, 26 June, Burnley 

Difficult Questions - Leeds, 9 September 2014

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