Two events and a bicycle!


Dear Friends

I’m writing to invite you to our upcoming events, please click the links to book, looking forward to having you with us. If you are interested in other themes, dates or times, do let me know as we are very flexible.

16 June 2014, Reflections of Jesus and Muhammad, or Distortions? (morning and afternoon)

  • Character of our ‘Founders’ – How would they view each other?
  • Why do we segregate?
  • Why are we prejudiced against minorities?
  • Stop and search in the UK Section 7 of Prevention of Terrorism Act
  • How do we create harmony?
  • How do we create peace?
  • How do we welcome the stranger?
  • How following our Founders brings us together not apart


  • Ayatollah Fadhil Milani, Al-Khoei Foundation
  • Dr Chris Baker, Director, William Temple Foundation
  • His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom
  • Toufik Kacimi, CEO, Muslim Welfare House, Finsbury Park
  • Khalid Sofi, Muslim Council of Britain
  • Susanne Mitchell, Greater London Presence and Engagement Network
  • Aliya Azam, Al-Khoei Foundation
  • Zahra Kazmi
  • Catriona Robertson, London Peace Network
  • Jon Dal Din, Director, Westminster Interfaith
  • Fr Nadim Nassar, Director, Awareness Foundation

26/06/2014, Multiculturalism – Problem or Solution? (evening)
How do we relate to Multiculturalism? 18.30 to 21.00 on 26 June in Tower Hamlets – how do we all fit together, what kind of society do we live in, is it working?

The speakers will be:

  • Dan Nilsson DeHanas (Research Fellow, University of Kent)
  • Akeela Ahmed (former Chief Executive, Muslim Youth Helpline)
  • Ajmal Masroor (imam, marriage advisor and broadcaster)
  • Revd Alan Green (St John's, Bethnal Green and Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum)
  • Jamil Iqbal, Swadhinata Trust

Some say multiculturalism has gone too far, or has it not gone far enough? Do we need to ban that terrible, misleading phrase ‘British values’, and, of course, we could do with some Christian and Islamic values. Characteristics of an integrated (multicultural) society:

  • a much stronger web of relationships between people of different ethnicities and religions
  • an end to ‘white flight’ and segregated communities
  • moving beyond talk of ‘ethnic minorities’ and any other ‘binary’ descriptions
  • universal commitment to ‘the house that we build together’ to borrow the Chief Rabbi’s words
  • ceasing to use the language of ‘integrating into our society’

Also to mention again my sponsored bike ride:

I will be riding 42 miles around the Barclays hire zone (roughly Zone 2) on Thursday 29 May. I will begin at Euston station, then via Camden Town, Hackney and Bethnal Green to Mile End, then Isle of Dogs, Southwark, Imperial War Museum and out to the West. Then on the Westway, round Regents Park and back to Euston. At roughly 5 miles per half hour (factoring in London traffic lights) my target time is around 4 hours. I hope to start at around 7 a.m. I am aiming (ambitiously) to raise £4200 - £100 per mile. The amount raised will go towards our dialogues programme around London, dialogue locations so far have included Finsbury Park, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Old Kent Road, Streatham, Brent. We aim to do more in Feltham, Southwark and other places. The Pedalling Pilgrim 2 page on our website gives information about future dialogue events. Donations via Virgin Giving on my Pedalling Pilgrim 2 page or our website Donations page. #PedallingPilgrim2

With warm wishes

Julian Bond
Christian Muslim Forum


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