Pedalling Pilgrim 2012


Biking to Cheltenham and back (from Leighton Buzzard) to raise funds for the Christian Muslim Forum.

I set off at around 06.00 on Tuesday morning (8 May 2012) in light rain. I arrived at Aylesbury just before 07.00 having unexpectedly met one of my former colleagues from Customs and Excise who I hadn't seen for around 15 years. Aylesbury Mosque was closed (as was St Mary's Church) so prayers (I was marking stages of the journey with prayer) were outside, there's a good picture of the front door of St Mary's on my own Facebook page.




Day Two of 'Pedalling Pilgrim' (9 May 2012)

The bike shop were very good with their service and my bike was repaired in the morning. The weather was good too, in Cheltenham at least, Oxford however was a different matter, very wet again. I missed the Bath Road masjid as I cycled up Cowley Road but dropped into Manzil Way masjid instead, it was before zuhr prayers when I arrived and I didn't feel like hanging around for another 30 mins waiting for the prayers. I didn't attempt to visit a church as I was keen to get back. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos on day two as Facebook on my phone had exhausted my battery, very disappointing, if I do anything like this again, even though I like travelling light I will take my charger. Also padded underwear as a friend strongly recommended afterwards.


The last part of the route is a long downhill run from Wing to Leighton Buzzard, an encouraging end to the journey. It was good to be home after two days of cycling. I don't think I'll be doing anything like this for a while but am seriously considering better equipment and even a better bike.

Many thanks to all those who supported me with sponsorship and in other ways too. The total raised was £1130. I am publishing this now (originally posted on Facebook in 2012) as I prepare for Pedalling Pilgrim 2 – Boris Biking round London – in May 2014. Join me and help raise more?

The money raised was used for our Women's Programme 'Come to the Edge' which was mostly funded by Near Neighbours, we were able to allocate additional amounts for consultancy and publicity, including video and website improvements.

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Julian Bond
Director (and biker)
Christian Muslim Forum

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