Inter Faith News, 13 March 2013


AP/Akira Suemori. Professor Richard Dawkins is one of the more vocal new atheists

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Sharing good news from around the world @karimianotts


Sniffing out cancer with electronic noses

Convicted French banker seeks 'divine justice'


Manchester Cathedral opens Stations of the Cross exhibition

Should Christians be nice in dealing with nasty atheists?

We share this timely article a day after our own Christian-Muslim-Atheist dialogue, see our tweets from the event using this hashtag #Atheism

You can see our position on the 'nice'or 'nasty' question here:


UK Students Use Charity to Make Difference

Poverty Impedes Malawi Muslim Women

Inter faith

Outrage over proposal to change animal slaughter methods, see our Halal Statement from 2010 here, we intend to do more work on this issue in the coming weeks

Nigerian Faiths Pray to Uproot Boko Haram


In the Wilderness Together, Birmingham, 17 March

Multiculturalism, London,18 March

Difficult Questions, Bradford, 31 March


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