Weekly Inter Faith News, 12 December 2013


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World news

The UK's highest law court has ruled that Scientology is a religion and that people can have Scientologist weddings.

Internationally famous Scottish singer Susan Boyle reveals that she has Aspergers Syndrome and a high IQ, putting an end to the Susie Simple caricature for good.

Twitter users can now send photographs in Direct Messages. Why not make friends with the Christian Muslim Forum on Twitter @chrismusforum?

Christian news

Pope Francis has received Time magazine's Person of the Year award.

More than a thousand people gathered at Regina Catholic Church to remember Nelson Mandela.

Prayers for Mandela are said in churches across South Africa.

Two churches in Stoke have turned a pub into an Advent calendar!

Muslim news

In Saudi Arabia 100,000 genomes to be mapped to help health research.

There has been a revolution in wedding photography in Pakistan. Lively shots are now the order of the day.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Yasmine Hafiz defends the Muslim hipsters video that caused such a storm on the Internet last week. #mipsters

Interfaith news

Nelson Mandela memorial ceremony begins with inter faith prayer.

The Prophet of Islam's (pbuh) views on inter faith are revealed in a new book.

A Methodist university in Texas opens up a prayer room for Muslim students.

Forum News and Events

Virgin Mary: The mother of the believers 18 December, West London

Lunchtime Dialogue, 14 January, Whitechapel, London

Christians, Muslims & Jesus, 30 January, Blackburn

A Common Word, Christian and Muslim Perspectives on each other, 8 February, Finsbury Park, London

Muslim and Christian Perspectives in the Holy Land, 20 March, Jerusalem

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0 #1 Julian Bond 2013-12-12 09:21
My favourite stories:

The Pope is a firm favourite, he gets better and better!

Great story from Stoke, I've just encouraged a Muslim friend to go and visit.

Book on the Prophet Muhammad's Covenants

Good to see Methodists making space for Muslim prayer

Please come to our event next week on Mary

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