Weekly Inter Faith News, 5 December 2013


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World news

Research released this week reveals that there may be water on five planets outside our solar system.

Internet giant Google quietly moves into robotics.

A new study shows that some countries are eating more meat and others are eating less.

Christian news

There are unconfirmed claims that Pope Francis has been sneaking out of the Vatican at night to give money to the poor.

Pope Francis further endears himself to the laity by revealing that he was once a nightclub bouncer.

In America Rush Limbaugh condemns what he alleges is Pope Francis's stance against capitalism. He says that Jesus was a capitalist. [We don't think so, Ed.]

The season of Advent began on 1st December. One Yorkshire village is raising money for a new village hall by creating a living Advent calendar.

Muslim news

Russia's second oldest mosque has been returned to the Muslim faithful.

An award has been launched to encourage British mosques to go green.

This week on social media you may have seen the term "Mipsterz", it means Muslim Hipster. Lots of people have been talking about it. Check out some of the discussions on Buzzfeed.

In a move that may counter the rumour that Muslims are anti-Christmas, popular British soap opera Eastenders includes Muslim characters in its Christmas storylines. On Tuesday night postman Masood was seen asking Carol, his non-Muslim girlfriend, to spend Christmas Day with him.

Inter faith news

In Harlow, Essex, Interfaith Week is celebrated with a photography competition.

The Scilly Isles are to host their own local interfaith week. The importance of finding out about diverse faiths is underlined.

In Bradford 110 children of different faiths take part in an interfaith event and talk about what they would ask God.

Forum News and Events

Inter Faith Marriage - A Poem

Lunchtime Dialogue, 10 December, Whitechapel, London

Christians, Muslims & Jesus, 30 January, Blackburn

Muslim and Christian Perspectives in the Holy Land, 20 March onwards, Jerusalem

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