Weekly Inter Faith News, 28 November 2013


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At Chernobyl work has begun to increase the safety of the reactor site. An impressive giant arch is undergoing installation.

There really is a point to looking at cat photos on the Internet. Cuteness has been found to help language acquisition.

A poll of British adults has found that despite the popularity of cookery shows, rather a lot are relying on pasta, cereals and biscuits.


A book of Psalms has been auctioned for $14.2 million, making it the most expensive printed book ever.

In an historic move, Pope Francis has called for power to be devolved away from the Vatican.

A Scottish village church was surprised to be told that its original bell is now in Sweden! Early eighteenth-century politics may be the key to the mystery.


A Muslim women's resource centre in Scotland has visited over 100 classrooms to help children to see past racist stereotypes.

Recently we shared news of a new female Muslim character at Marvel comics. Is she a challenge to stereotypes or does she echo the old stories that we need to move away from?

Rugby star Sonny Bill Williams describes how Islam has helped him, in this CNN sports profile.

Interfaith Week News

In Brighton and Hove the Turkish Muslim community share Noah's pudding at an interfaith event. Yum!

Women of different faiths in Slough and Maidenhead take part in an interfaith netball event.

In a Cincinnati church leaders of different faiths came together at Thankgiving to pray for immigration reform.

Forum News and Events

Christian Muslim Marriage, a talk given at our latest event on 26 November

Lunchtime Dialogue, 10 December, London

Christians, Muslims & Jesus, 30 January, Blackburn

Muslim and Christian Perspectives in the Holy Land, 20 March onwards, Jerusalem

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-2 #1 Julian Bond 2013-11-28 09:14
I also recommend this news from our friends at The Feast http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=f4e7200a81ea6f749c3872205&id=a972d30f01&e=[UNIQID]

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