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NASA has released pictures of the day the whole planet had its photograph taken by the Cassini probe. To find out what Christians and Muslims look like from space, read more at The Register.

If looking up at the night sky reminds you of the Glory of God, you're in for a treat later this month. A comet the size of a mountain is heading towards our part of the solar system. But fear not, it's not going to hit us. Click on the link to see the comet tracker provided by Time magazine.

What's up pussy cat? The world's oldest big cat fossil has been discovered in the Himalayas.

News of more concern: don't forget those who have suffered in the Philippines. You can make a donation via our partners Christian Aid and Islamic Relief.


In Texas a church is holding services in a pub to attract new worshippers. There have already been three baptisms in the bar!

The Pope's popularity has led directly to an increase in church attendances and in babies named Francis.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that expensive Christmas presents can "spoil life" because they put pressure on relationships.


Voice of America reports on the Muslim artists who are challenging stereotypes in the USA.

Are Muslim comic book characters a marketing gimmick or a real reflection of American diversity asks Wardah Khalid.

An exercise DVD by Muslim women for Muslim women has been launched on the American market.

Inter faith

The Huffington Post marks Veterans Day with a story about the religious diversity of the US military.

Jews and Christians come together in Westminster Abbey on the 75th anniversary of the Night of the Broken Glass.

Christian and Muslim Arabs are good friends in Palestine, says travel writer Rick Steves.

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+2 #1 Julian Bond 2013-11-14 09:23
My two favourite stories:

The Pope (again!)

Christians and Muslims in Palestine

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