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Are you a strong and confident young woman or man? Why not audition for the next Star Wars film? The Guardian reports that the Disney casting team will shortly begin their search for UK talent.

The toilets of Slough have joined the fight to save the planet. Human excrement is now turned into fertiliser in the Berkshire town.


Pope Francis has launched an unprecedented survey of the laity to find out what they think of issues as diverse as same sex marriage and divorce. See the survey here

The Methodist Church of Great Britain has released new study resources for primary schools.

A Baptist church in Harlem, New York, picks its first female pastor in 88 years.


Marvel comics debuts its first female Muslim superhero.

Time features photographs of Islam in Bangladesh by local photographer Munem Wasif.

British mosques have been urging the faithful to wear the red Poppy in remembrance of Britain's war dead.

Inter faith

A Facebook page and Twitter account have been set up to show that Britain's non-Christian faith groups also remember the country's war dead.

Muslim and Christian pilgrims in Turkey find common ground in Mary.

Columnist Bina Shah reports on the inter faith campaign in Pakistan and says there is still a long way to go.

Rabbi Michelle Pearlman writes on Jewish interfaith marriage in America and asks for the avoidance of a glass half empty attitude.

News from the Forum and selected Events

Faith in Finance Debate

Nottingham Inter Faith, various events coming soon

Christians, Muslims and Marriage, 11 November, Leicester

Lunchtime Dialogue, 12 November, Forum office, London

Jesus & Muhammad: Relevant today?, 18 November, Blackburn

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+3 #1 Julian Bond 2013-11-07 07:25
My favourite stories, for radio show:

Pope Francis' survey
Poppy campaign
Inter faith in Pakistan


Faith in Finance
Muslim Identity
Nottingham inter faith

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