Weekly Inter Faith News, 31 October 2013


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Great rail journeys that exist only in fantasy

Halloween 'corpse' complaint boosts Stevenage man's cancer appeal - warning: contains disturbing image

News of concern: Bodies of migrants found in Niger


Pope address: Boy steals show during Vatican family event

How Church Unity Overcame Hurricane Sandy

News of concern: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, 3 November 2013.  Please pray for all who are persecuted, tortured and at risk of death due to their religion and beliefs.


London's role in growing market for Islamic finance, see our related event below

No Jihad In Syria: Saudi Mufti, “Going to a land that you do not know and without experience, you will be a burden to them, what they want from you is your prayer,”

News of concern: Bristol Muslims 'facing job discrimination'

Inter faith

Interfaith Group Works to Make an "Impact"

Author speaks of building interfaith bridges

Forum News and Events

Religion in the Public Square

Christian Muslim Forum Expands, our Funding Appeal

Telling the Truth: about Muslim Identity in Britain

Faith in Finance, 5 November, St Paul's Cathedral, last chance to book places

Christians, Muslims and Marriage, 11 November, Leicester

Lunchtime Dialogue, 12 November, London

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