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‘The Christian Muslim Forum has modelled something creative, honest, fresh and deeply hopeful’
Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Help improve Christian-Muslim relations in the UK, just £5 per month could strengthen our work

This has been a busy and exciting time for the Christian Muslim Forum. I am writing to ask for your help in expanding our important work. During 2012 we hosted, on average, one event every three weeks. We spoke to nearly 1,000 people face-to-face, up and down the country. That’s something of a record and one we wish to continue.

We also developed a close partnership with Westminster Abbey, which kindly hosted two high-profile events for us. The launch of our inter faith marriage guidelines was filmed inside the Abbey in November 2012 by BBC2 as part of its Westminster Abbey series, and subsequently picked up across national and international media.

We have always tried to achieve as much as possible with limited resources. We deliver more with those resources each year and have been blessed with huge commitment and support of numerous volunteers, generous funders, and committed partners. However, the challenges we face are immense.

  • Christians and Muslims meet and engage with each other all too infrequently
  • Christians remain unsure how Christianity ‘fits’ with other religions
  • Islamophobia is not going away
  • An increasingly secular world around us

We are striving to break these cycles, transforming Christian-Muslim engagement and reducing negativity cast at both our faiths and communities. With your help, we can…

  • Create two new Christian-Muslim women’s groups in Blackburn and London
  • Increase support for local relationship-building
  • Develop inter-faith marriage training workshops
  • Increase core staffing to support this work

Become a Friend

Becoming a Friend of the Forum with a regular donation of just £5 per month (£60 per annum) or more each year will allow us to continue, support and launch new projects. Friends of the Forum will receive regular updates, invitations to our meetings and a 10% discount on event bookings. For just ...

  • £2 per month you could support … one issue of our website newsletter
  • £5 per month you could support … a day of our webmaster’s services
  • £10 per month you could support … a local Christian-Muslim gathering

You can also make an annual donation by direct debit. Please write to us direct (cheque), or click this donation link, enabling us to claim Gift Aid automatically. All donations will receive a free e-book, Contemplate by Saqib Hussain (with many thanks to Saqib).

Donations of more than £30 per year will receive a free book (we have a number of copies of Ray Gaston's book 'A Heart Broken Open' plus several others).

With best wishes and thanks for your support,

Julian Bond
Director, Christian Muslim Forum

P.S. Remember to stay in touch with us via our mailing list, Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Here is how we spent the £120,000 we raised in 2012:

January – Presidents’ Conversation, Westminster Abbey
January – Thinking about Muslims, Birmingham
February – Leicester Leaders Training
February – ‘Listening to our Teens’, Family Seminar, London
March – Islam Awareness Week, London shared event with ISB
March – ‘Come to the Edge’, Northampton
March – Contextual Theology Round Table, Leicester
April – ‘Tree of Life’ Exhibition Launch and Dialogue, London
May – London Leaders, Kent
May – Families and Conflict, London
July – Thinking about Muslims, London
September – Church/Mosque Friendship in Nottingham
October – Northern Leaders, Leeds
November – ‘Come to the Edge’ roadshows (national events)
November – Inter Faith Marriage Guidelines Launch, Westminster Abbey

A total of 20 events (an average of one event every 3 weeks) with almost 1000 participants: no mean feat. Plus almost 3500 visitors to the Tree of Life exhibition.

We want to raise an additional £100,000 2013/14. With your help, we can do so.

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