Weekly Inter Faith News, 24 October 2013


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Scientists say that over 400 new species have been found in the Amazon rainforest over the last four years. These include a purring monkey, a vegetarian piranha and a flame patterned lizard.

In Iran conservationists are celebrating the rare sighting of a family of Asiatic cheetahs.

Try not to die from cute overload; in Japan there is a travel agency for stuffed toy animals.


The Archbishop of Canterbury says that Prince George's christening brings God into the middle of it all.

When babies are baptised their parents choose friends and relatives to be godparents. During the ceremony the godparents promise to teach the children about Christianity. To celebrate Prince George's baptism the Telegraph asks ten famous people to talk about god parenting.

Three thousand people are expected to attend the World Council of Churches in the coastal city of Busan in South Korea. The ecumenical event is an opportunity for radically different kinds of Christian to talk with one another.

Meanwhile, a church in southern England will be transformed into a skate park for the school holidays.


The singer Rihanna is removed from a mosque in Dubai and criticised on Twitter after posing for seductive photographs.

A Dutch politician who campaigned against Islam is now a Muslim and has made his first hajj.

A building used by football supporters is set to become Scotland's first Eco mosque.

Inter faith

The Vatican has set up a cricket club with the hope that it will encourage inter faith dialogue.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has appointed a Jewish man as the executive director of its Philadelphia office.

Forum News & Events

Telling the Truth: about Muslim Identity in Britain, 4 November, Westminster Abbey

Faith in Finance, 5 November, St Paul's Cathedral

Lunchtime Dialogue, 12 November, London - following us on Facebook or Twitter? Come and join us for real-world conversation

Jesus & Muhammad: Relevant today?, 18 November, Blackburn

Christian-Muslim Marriage Seminar, 26 November, Leicester

There are still places available at all these events, except for 'Muslim Identity'

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