Weekly Inter Faith News, 16/17 October 2013


Volunteers spend time with guests at Family Promise congregations, providing food, friendship and overnight accommodations. Participating congregations in Family Promise of South Palm Beach County, Florida, are interfaith: Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

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World news

In New York State scientists test out a form of underwater wi-fi that uses sound waves to communicate information.

It's the stuff of legends. In California a snorkeler finds an amazing 18 foot long fish.

A piranha resistant fish from the Amazon inspires scientists to create more effective forms of body armour.


Pope Francis has become famous for answering letters from those who reach out to him. When one elderly Venetian woman wrote to tell him that she'd been mugged, the Pope sent a surprise gift.

America's National Public Radio visits the Appalachian mountains to find out how Christians sang before hymn books.

Memory of atrocities lives on - Italy remembers 1943 roundup of Jews as Vatican refuses a Christian burial to holocaust-denying Nazi war criminal.


Al Arabiya newspaper posts photos from Muslim countries around the world to celebrate Eid al Adha.

Shops in Kashmir are busy as Muslims prepare for Eid and Kashmiri leaders urge simplicity.

In the Saudi capital people wear their best clothes and meat from the sacrifice is distributed to the poor and the needy.

As Muslims celebrate in Detroit an Imam tells of his prayers for world peace - “I prayed for the end of war and misery in the Muslim and Christian worlds.”

Inter faith

In America an interfaith project to help the homeless celebrates 25 years of work.

In Kansas teens go on an interfaith walk to raise money for UNICEF.

In Sudan the Imam of Torit Mosque invites Christians and people of other faiths to Eid al Adha celebrations.

Christian Muslim Forum  Events

Telling the Truth: about Muslim Identity in Britain

Faith in Finance places still available

Jesus & Muhammad: Relevant today? 18 November 2013, Blackburn

Christian-Muslim Marriage Seminar 26 November 2013, Leicester


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