Weekly Inter Faith News, 15 August 2013


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World news

In Sweden scientists accidentally make the world's most water absorbent material

Simple water bottle light changes the world. The BBC meets the poor but happy inventor

Christian news

Pope Francis reaches out to Muslims at the end of Ramadan

Leicestershire church builders find a 102 year old time capsule

Muslim news

Phone app tells Muslims which way to pray, even in the air

In Fort Collins, Colorado, there is a new mosque

Inter faith news

Amid tensions in India Muslims make sure their Hindu neighbour gets to the wedding on time

Sikhs help Muslims offer Eid Namaz during storm.

Christian Muslim Forum News and Events

14 September 2013, ENGAGE Birmingham

18 November 2013, Jesus & Muhammad: Relevant today?, Blackburn

Churches' 'Id initiative and other 'Id messages

This week's news gathered by Rector Chick

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