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General News

Altruistic organ donations triple 

Noisy cockerels and tattoos: Brits' bizarre requests for consular help


Christian News

When did people stop thinking God lives on a cloud?

Dilemma facing Devon's historic churches


Muslim News

'Narratives of Conversion to Islam in Britain: Female Perspectives' UK launch launching today

Is Today's Europe a Land of Islam?


Inter Faith News

Muslim Visit Changes Veteran's Islam View

Ontario Mosque Clears Islam Image



Islam & Higher Education I am speaking at this event next week

Methodist Summer Fellowship 2013, includes a session on the Forum's 'Come to the Edge' women's programme 

Engage Birmingham, youth worker training, a partnership between the Christian Muslim Forum and the Feast 


Christian Muslim Forum News

From Birmingham 

From Leicester

From Burnley


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Julian Bond
Director, Christian Muslim Forum



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